Ableton Live 10; we’ve all been waiting for it. Live has grown a lot since it first came out in 2001. I’ve always been impressed by its workflow and how fast you can make beats. Live’s browser is the most intuitive and efficient one out there for sure and I would say is one of the main reasons why this DAW is being used more and more everyday by new producers.

My Top 10 Wishlist.

I’ve been using Ableton since version 4, and though it has improved a lot since then, there are still a few things I wish they added in the new upcoming version. Don’t get me wrong; Live is my main DAW of choice for Music Production, but I know ProTools in and out as well and there are many things I would die for in Ableton.

Let’s have a look at the list.

A realPlaylist System

Let's face it; tracking vocals or any acoustic instrument in Ableton is a mess. There is no real playlist system. The only way around it right now is by using Scenes in the session view and honestly it's not really great.

One thing that frustrates me so much in Live is the tempo automation. If you want to set a tempo change at the next bar, you basically have to be a ninja.

BetterTempo Automation

Snap Automationto the Grid

If I want to do this I have to either use the pencil and select the correct grid, or do some ninja moves with the grid. Why can't we have a Snap Automation to Grid Shortcut?

Not everyone has Max and though the LFO tool is pretty cool, I would love to see a built-in native Ableton Live LFO.

Built-in LFO

Groupswithin Groups

There are so many times when I have 10 Synths and I want them all separated into 2 groups inside one big group, it would be so useful.

This is a huge feature in ProTools that I would really love to see in Ableton 10. It is extremely useful.

Tab to Transient

Automate Sampler'sStart and End Points

There have been so many times that I wanted to automate these two parameters, but instead I had to use resampling and move them manually. Please!

This would be so useful. I can't count the times I had to basically move the side-chain to a new track so I could freeze the original instrument.

FreezeSide Chained Tracks

Locators Window

Locators make the song more organized, but in Ableton you can only move the next or previous Locator. Can we have a window in which we can jump from one to another without restrictions?

Ok so this one annoys me a bit. I am using the metronome and it is too loud so I lower it, but then I go to the browser and try to preview some samples and now the volume is too low! Why can't we have two different knobs for them?

Separate Previewand Metronome Volume

And that’s it…

Though I really wished these features were added to the new version of Live, it will still continue to be my DAW of choice in every production, because it is simply an awesome software. If haven’t played around with Live, give it a try and who knows, maybe it becomes your go-to production software.

As far as the image on top, don’t get too excited! it is just a concept made by Nenad Milosevic (you can find his full post here: ). Even though this person tried to get in touch with Ableton, they were just simply not interested.

Let me know in the comment section what are the top 10 features you would love to see in Ableton Live 10.

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Matias Rengel Author
Matias Rengel is a Los Angeles based Producer and Mixing Engineer. Some of the artists he has worked with include the award winning band People The Kangaroo, Russian Pop-Star Annia, Hungarian upcoming producer M8, Italian Raising artist Wepro, Migrant Motel, Jenna Kohut and more.
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